Alytx can help you win more resolutions with empirical data.

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Altyx sets a new standard for care by empowering legal teams with data-driven insights critical to evidence-based decisions, and enabling more accurate accounting for significant spending on claims.

  • Real-time information on client progress means your teams are spending time on winning legal challenges, not chasing down reports
  • Assess funding through accident benefit insurers as an assessment and treatment process
  • Saves firms time and money - especially with complex case files
  • Alytx data can be submitted on an OCF-18 in consultation with a regulated health professional

Evidence-based data on your client's functional impairment documented with time-stamped validity measures

Dashboard provides objective data in a format that can inform the med/legal process

Receive reports immediately, sharing all data securely within the Altyx platform

A treatment tool with assessment capacity, Alytx data can be submitted on an OCF-18 in consultation with a regulated health professional

Using Alytx saves you time and money-especially with complex case files

Key Metrix uses Alytx to empower

Catastrophic Injury Management


Case Management

Rehabilitation Consulting



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With Alytx you can provide frontline evidence of support for your client collected on any mobile device


1. Every client receives their own unique custom dashboard

The technology empowers caregivers to input optimum care and recovery strategies. Once entered the custom dashboard tracks and reports on daily activity. The dynamic data transforms care by providing objective insights for ongoing care strategies.

2. Real-time information

Every activity is time and GPS stamped, tracking every activity. Care-givers track their activity on a secure app, the technology uses validity measures to produce accurate, real-time reports.

3. Visualized Care Reports

Progress insights drawn from care worker data is displayed clearly in visual graphs and charts, helping family, caregivers and the legal team to understand ongoing care and progress at a glance.

4. Capture Care Trends

Track recovery by using objective evidence of needs based on multiple care points gathered over time to inform treatment decisions.